Istanbul International Community School


news2You are what you eat!


Centennial Celebration Week

  • For the Centennial Week Celebrations, we posed the question,
    What you would have eaten
    1000 years ago in İstanbul?


Green Day!

Global Day!

Lentil soup – Turkey
Chicken teri-yaki – Japan
Patatas a la pobre – Spain
Steamed rice – China
Ratatouille – France
Shakshuka – Israel
Chefs salad tabboueh – Lebanon
Chocolate Cookies – USA


Spirit Day! (Blue, White & Red)

New Vegies in Primary

Today we served face-shaped vegetables with spinach, carrots, olives and cheese with the aim of encouraging students to eat more vegetables.


 IICS Healthy Kids…
We love to see you Smile!

  • un-processed and natural food
  • 99% of our dishes are produced and prepared in-house
  • Each plate served has the daily recommended amount of nutrition as recommended by the dietitian and according to prescribed European standards.
  • We don’t support farmed fish. All fish is imported wild-caught fish
  • Vegetables on plates every day
  • We don’t use meat or bouillon
  • Low salt and oil
  • Audited on a regular basis in respect of health and safety, hygiene, production methods set by The International Food Standard (IFS and The Food Safety Management System)
  • All products are prepared according to Turkish Standard’s Institute

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